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CEO Greetings

Company philosophy in development In order to develop continuously through business expansion and market creation, we will constantly carry out the task of technological innovation.

JD CORPORATION Water Treatment Specialist Company
We welcome your visit to the homepage of JD CORPORATION.
We, at JD CORPORATION took the first step for continuing the farsighted policy in the year 2017.

Under the motto of 'The corporation that makes an even better future', through the top products, the top service, and the top belief, by always growing as a corporation for the customers, we will devote ourselves to becoming a corporation that gives the emotional move to the customers.

JD CORPORATION had endeavored to make the clean and healthy water, which is an indispensable element in maintaining the lives of the human beings. And it has been developing by developing a water-processing equipment for the alienated residents of the regions. With the technological know-how that had been obtained through such an effort, we have been developing and supplying the products for the industrial use, the life-friendly products, etc. .

​The products that are produced at JD CORPORATION have been manufactured according to the strict standards. And, through the thorough prior and afterwards management, the standards of the values of the products have been maximized. And we will pour in the passion so that we can create the additional value for the customers ultimately, rather than being a simple creation of the profits.

​We promise you that, in the future, too, through the continuous researches, developments, and investments, by producing and supplying the excellent products, we will grow as a corporation that is trusted and that is a role model. And we deeply thank all of the people who had given the help until the JD CORPORATION of now has existed. And, in the future, too, through the continuous researches, developments, and investments, by producing the better products, we will do our utmost to become a corporation that presents the delight to the customers.