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The special, strong point of the sterilizing water manufacturing equipment.

By 'the sterilizing water manufacturing equipment', it is a highly efficient sterilizing water production system that manufactures the sterilizing water. The sterilizing water that gets produced has the dental chlorine hydroxide HOCI as the main sterilizing water ingredient. From the spore formation group, which are the microorganisms that had descended, to the ordinary germs, including the yeasts, the colon bacilli, etc., which are the weak microorganisms, the sterilizing water that has the ability to sterilize in a wide range is manufactured. And it is proud of the sterilizing effect of 99.99% or more.

The range of the applications of the sterilizing water.

  • The application is possible to
    all of the food materials that
    need the sterilizing disinfection.
  • The improvement of the working efficiency in the kitchen and the maintenance of the freshness of the food materials.
  • The prevention of a secondary
    contamination through the overall sterilizing disinfection in the kitchen.
  • The sterilization disinfection is possible at the contaminated places, including the toilet, the basin, etc. in the bathroom

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