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Sterilizing agent

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What is the main ingredient of the sterilizing water?

Regarding the sterilizing water of JD CORPORATION as a microacidic differential chlorine acid (HOCI), the ability to sterilize is strong, and the stability and the preservation are very extraordinary. As a microacid that is near to the water and the skin, it is the same as the powerful natural immunity substance that is made by the neutrocytes, among the white blood cells within the human body. And, differently from the stimulating smell of the alcohol, with no color and no smell, it is convenient to be used by the user.

The strong points of the sterilizing disinfectant of JD CORPORATION

  • The microacidity that is
    near the water and the skin.
    Differently from the stimulating smell of the alcohol, because it has no color and no smell, it is convenient to be used by the user.
  • The powerful
    sterilizing ability.
    The annihilation of the virus is stronger than the alcohol disinfectant. And the ability to sterilize is stronger than sodium hypochlorite (Ex. Lax) by over 80 times ~ 150 times.
  • The sterilization and
    penetration technology.
    By quickly and deeply penetrating into, and destroying, the DNA's of the germs and the viruses and the enzymes, it sterilizes 99.9% or more within 30 seconds.
  • The annihilation
    of the Corona virus.
    The completion of the test and the inspection on the annihilation of 99.99% or more of the Corona virus within 30 seconds.

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